Outdoor Escape Games Wien

LifeDive Adventures

Experience exciting missions with your family or friends. You act together as a team and look for clues to solve exciting puzzles. Experience Vienna interactively in all its facets during your exciting mission. Fun and joy are pre-programmed!


Vienna, Austria

Playing time

2 - 3 hours

Number of participants

2 - 12 people

The course of your adventure

In our outdoor escape game you search, collect and combine hidden clues to get to your goal. Instead of being trapped in a room, you solve tricky puzzles and reveal the secret outside in the fresh air. Armed with an iPad, which will guide you to your riddles across Vienna with the help of GPS tracking. After each solved task, the next location of your journey will be revealed to you.

Find out in an exciting and fun way what the capital of Austria has to offer in addition to its well-known sights.

Magic Portal
Schnitzeljagd Wien
Schnitzeljagd Wien

1. Instruction

Your game master will give you all the items you need to complete your tasks. He will instruct you in the mission and answer any remaining questions.

2. The adventures begins

Now it's time to show if you know every trick in the book! Solve interactive puzzles to get more clues and get to your goal.

3. Solve the mission

As soon as you have solved all the tasks and collected all the clues, you can successfully complete the mission. Then you meet your game master again and give back the equipment.


Operation Mindfall Logo

Operation Mindfall

Vienna is threatened by a dangerous virus that will be activated in the next three hours. If this happens, SPIDERTECH will take control of the humans.

The secret service organization W.I.S.E. has chosen you to save Vienna. For this purpose, it makes its state-of-the-art agent equipment available. Do you accept this challenge?
Das Magische Portal Wien

Magic Portal

Vienna is threatened by a dark force that has entered our world through a magical portal. Now it's up to you - you have been chosen to prevent this catastrophe. Luckily there is a friendly goblin who will send you in search of magic crystals. Can you close the portal and save Vienna within the next 2.5 hours?