Children's Birthday Vienna

Magic Portal

The Magic Portal Typical sequence of an event:

3:45 pm: Meeting at Am Gestade in 1010 Vienna (The square under the church)
3:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.: Welcome, game briefing and distribution of the material
The adventure begins
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm: The children explore Vienna and close the Magic Portal
Hand in
6:00 pm: Handing in of the game material - Am Gestade in 1010 Vienna

One adult must accompany the group during the game. If two teams are playing, one accompanying person is required for each group. The game leaders will not accompany the group, but will supervise the game from outside. The game leaders will always be nearby and can help with any problems via telephone, or directly on site.

Each team will be provided with a tablet and playing equipment. If two teams are playing (e.g. a children's birthday party), these two teams will go TOGETHER and solve the puzzles together.

Please make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather as you will be out in the fresh air for about 2.5 hours.

In case of bad weather, we will provide rain ponchos and umbrellas.

Game equipment: You will be given the iPad and the magic bag by our game leaders at the beginning.

Augmented Reality: The children are shown 3D figures and boxes on the iPad for various tasks, which they can interact with to solve the puzzles.

Edukative Rätsel: In addition to the fun AR elements, there are also educational puzzles so that the kids not only have a lot of fun but also learn something at the same time.

Experience an exciting children's birthday party in the beautiful city centre of Vienna.

"The Magic Portal" is ideally suited for children's birthday parties. We place a lot of emphasis on an uncomplicated and fluid process. The entire game is structured in such a way that the children can solve it completely by themselves. If we notice that the children have problems, there are helpful game leaders who are happy to provide additional support.

By combining virtual elements (mini-game on the tablet, augmented reality) & real elements (equipment to touch, environmental puzzles) we create a unique play experience for the children.

Educational elements are integrated into the puzzle rally in a playful way. On the one hand, the children pass historical places, on the other hand, they learn how to orientate themselves in the city by means of street signs.

Our aim is to make your children's birthday party an unforgettable experience.

Magic Portal

Our interactive game "The Magic Portal" is a unique way for children between 7 to 12 years to explore the first district in Vienna. We give the children the opportunity to be on an exciting adventure for two hours.

With the help of modern technology, such as augmented reality and lovingly designed equipment, our aim is to create an experience for the children where they enjoy exploring, have fun solving tricky tasks and experience a feeling of magic. For about two hours, the children are out and about in the beautiful first district as they explore magical places such as the Ferstel Passage or the Volksgarten.

The whole experience is wrapped up in an exciting story: an ancient portal that long ago connected our world with other worlds has been reopened in Vienna. Now Vienna is threatened by nasty monsters who want to bring chaos to our world. As great adventurers, we send the children to close the portal again so that Vienna can be saved from the monsters. According to legend, the portal can only be closed again with the help of three magic crystals. With each puzzle solved, the adventurers collect the magic crystals and additional golden goblin talers. Of course, the little ones are not on their own, but a friendly goblin is at their side. If a puzzle is too difficult, the goblin is happy to help (for a small fee in goblin talers, of course, because the goblin has to live on something).

The puzzles are located at different places in the first district. Using a tablet and GPS coordinates, the children navigate from puzzle to puzzle until they reach the magic portal.

The puzzles are different and multifaceted. On the one hand, there are fun mini-games on the tablet & exciting augmented reality elements, on the other hand, the solution can often be found in the immediate vicinity or the children solve the task with the help of the equipment that you receive from us along the way. This equipment is in a practical shoulder bag that contains, for example, a magic turntable or even a cryptex.

When the children have solved all the tasks and closed the magic portal, Vienna is saved and Vienna's thanks go to the brave adventurers.

LifeDive Adventures

LifeDive Adventures offers everyone who visits Vienna or calls Vienna home the opportunity to immerse themselves in another life. We make it possible for you to experience adventures that you have only seen on screen so far.

As a Viennese start-up, we open the door to adventures worthy of a film. After films and computer games, we take entertainment to the next level. Now you can experience adventures not only on the screen, but outside in real life.

With the help of modern technology & lovingly designed equipment, we send you on adventures you won't soon forget. Whether it's a children's birthday party or a wedding party, a team event or a family outing, we'll prepare a unique experience for you that you won't find anywhere else in this form.

Our adventures can be described as a combination of a scavenger hunt or puzzle rally and a role-playing game, as you might know it from computer games or even movies.

The adventures send you through the beautiful first district of Vienna. While you're saving the world together, you might discover one or two hidden places along the way.

We currently offer two adventures for you:

Operation Mindfall Logo

Operation Mindfall

As a group of budding secret agents, you save Vienna from a dark threat.

This adventure is designed primarily for adults and will make your team event, family outing, stag party, friends' activity or tourist exploration tour an unforgettable experience.

Das Magische Portal

Magic Portal

As a junior magician, you close an ancient portal in Vienna to protect us from nasty monsters.
This adventure is designed especially for children and will make your family outing or children's birthday party an unforgettable experience.

If you're brave enough and can get a team of adventurers together, we look forward to saving the world with you.