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Operation Mindfall

Strengthen the cohesion of your employees with our team building events in Vienna

An unforgettable experience for all your employees

Are you looking for a group activity and do you want to increase the sense of community in your company? Then you've come to the right place! With our team building events, we provide an adventure with fun and tricky puzzles that your employees won’t forget. 

Challenge your employees and discover unimagined leadership qualities. Our mission can only be successfully completed by working together in a large team or individual small groups! 

We guide you through Vienna with specific tasks and mix activity in the fresh air with fun puzzles and help you strengthen the cohesion of your employees. 

Das magische Portal Wien
Wien Teambuilding

The mission

Vienna is threatened by a dangerous virus that will be activated in the next three hours. If this happens, SPIDERTECH will take control of the humans.

The secret service organization W.I.S.E. has chosen you to save Vienna. For this purpose, it makes its state-of-the-art agent equipment available. Do you accept this challenge?

Wien Teambuilding

The process

Your game master will give you all the items you need to complete your tasks. He will instruct you in the mission and answer any remaining questions.

Now it's time to show if you know every trick in the book! Solve interactive puzzles to get more clues and get to your goal.

As soon as you have solved all the tasks and collected all the clues, you can successfully complete the mission. Then you meet your game master again and give back the equipment.

39€ / Person excl. VAT

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